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(WestBohemian) Messiers Marathon

Monogram of Ch.J.Messier

Idea to organize in West Bohemian region this nontraditional competition come up in our Branch Committee at the last days of the year 2002. From the idea to realization is not sometimes far away, so you can read about start and with alternative succes continance of Messier marathon observation in below mentioned articles.

Messier's Marathon best results
Observer Score of Objects Night
Jiří Polák
Michal Rottenborn
Michal Bareš 101 5./6.3.2011
Jiří Kubánek 100 1./2.3.2011
Zdeněk Brichta 38
Lumír Honzík 20 16./17.3.2007
Karel Halíř 18 16./17.3.2007
Vladimíra Lukešová 12 16./17.3.2007
Miroslava Plzáková 12 16./17.3.2007

Author: Rostislav Medlín, Michal Rottenborn
Last update: 5. 4. 2011

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