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Messiers Marathon
Classic marathon is about running 42 195 meters. Is is clear and everybody know that. Well, what you can expect from Messiers marathon? After click to picture or title you can read information about non-classical, in astronomers around world well known, competition.
Sun and Moon Eclipses
Eclipses are certainly one of the most exciting phenomenon which we can see on firmament. In the following articles are described observation and expedition focused to eclipses which organize or co-organize West Bohemian Branch of Czech Astronomical Society.
Sun Eclipse
Asteroid Occultation
Asteroid occultation or generally observation of occultation of stars by solar system object is part of special observational program of our branch. These events occurs when an asteroid (or other object) passes in front of a star (occults a star), temporarily blocking its light (as seen from Earth). On following pages there are several pages about this project, including our observation results.
Planetkové zákryty
Photo competition
The topic of this photo competition was "The problems of Light Pollution". The deadline was April 30th, 2006. In the following articles the winning photos are evaluated and competition rules detailed.
Other texts are in Czech only.
Photo competition
Expedition - what is behind this name? You can also see names like "Summer expedition", "Meteor's expedition" or "Summer astronomical practicum". All these names are used for the same event - Summer astronomical practicum.
Unfortunatelly other texts are in Czech only.
Variable stars
Several articles about amateur variable star observing.
These articles are in Czech only.
Variable stars
Meteors have been observed in Pilsen during Summer astronomical practicum for a long time. These chapters describe some details of meteor stream observation methodology and our results. These chapters are in Czech only.

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