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Astronomical images of members and supporters of West Bohemian Branch

Perseids 2007
When the maximum of famous meteoric shower Perseids occure during the Expedition (Summer Astronomical Practise in Westbohemian region), everybody watching them. Some people tried catching them with Camera. That night,...

The Veil Nebula
The most known grandiose explosion in universe is explosion of the supernova. Very mass and old star explode and during several weeks emited so much light as a lot of billions stars for a whole year. This picture show...

Moon at arm’s length
Our nearest space neighbour is from astronomical scale point of view very close to us, the lights needs only 1.2 seconds to pass this distance. On the other hand, we can imagine this distance very difficulty and it is...

In warm summer months there is a good opportunity to observe quite nice storms. Martin Adamovský succeeded in taking a beautiful photo two years ago. The location stricken by lightning was at around ten kilometers distance...

Supernova in galaxy NGC6946
In this picture you can see how relatively easy can amateur astronomer find "his own" supernovae in deep space. You may have to be mainly patience and lucky. In October 2004 we could see relatively clear supernova...

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