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Supernova in galaxy NGC6946

Supernova in galaxy NGC6946

In this picture you can see how relatively easy can amateur astronomer find "his own" supernovae in deep space. You may have to be mainly patience and lucky.

In October 2004 we could see relatively clear supernova in galaxy NGC6946 (about 13mag). Mr. Libor Šmíd therefore compare his picture of this galaxy taken in the past with new one and result you can see upwards (bigger picture after click). If you cannot clearly see supernova, you may look at animated gif where both pictures alternate.

Telescope: Maksutov 190/260/550, film: Kodak E200 (PUSH 1)

Autor of both pictures and processing: Libor Šmíd

Author: Rostislav Medlín
Last update: 6. 12. 2006

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