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The Veil Nebula


The most known grandiose explosion in universe is explosion of the supernova. Very mass and old star explode and during several weeks emited so much light as a lot of billions stars for a whole year. This picture show the rest of that explosion.

In our Galaxy average explode one supernova for 500 years. Therefore in surrounding galaxies it explodes more frequently, but unfortunately becouse of their long distance that supernovas are much less visible. During the explosion supernova cast away almost all their outer mass into space and on the original place left only nearly uncovered star core as very hot small remain star.

This picture show the rest of supernova explosion in Cygnus about 15000 years ago, also known as Veil Nebula (NGC 6992). This repudiation material from supernova move slowly in space from the epicentrum of the explosion and desintegrate in time. Distance of this nebula is estimated as 2600 light years and individual fibres can be clearly seen in telescope.

Technical parameters:

Author: Vladana Šmídová

Place: Fars rock near Chválenice, Czech Republic

Object: Veil Nebula

Instrument: Sonnar objective 4/300, Canon EOS 300D

Data: ISO 400, exposition 4 x 13 min (Ha filter) +4 x 13 min (OIII filter), RAW

Routine: conversion from RAW, compound of photos, brightness/contrast adjustment, cropping

Author: Rostislav Medlín
Last update: 16. 10. 2007

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