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Perseids 2007

Perseids 2007

When the maximum of famous meteoric shower Perseids occure during the Expedition (Summer Astronomical Practise in Westbohemian region), everybody watching them. Some people tried catching them with Camera.

That night, in time of maximum of Perseids, therefore a wery few of meteors was bolids, as we can compare with total amounts of recorded meteors. Newertheles, as you can see in this picture, about 10 meteors are bigger than zero magnitude and 8 of them are Perseids. Most of them was identified together with visual observation. In the pictures from that night could be found a lot of small meteors. Together with Perseids you can find Kappa Cygnids (two in this picture) and a lot of another smallest meteoric showers.

Technical parameters:

Author: Jiří Polák

Place: Bažantnice

Date: 12/13.8.2007 20:00-2:30 UT

Object: Perseids 2007

Camera: Canon EOS 20D, objective EFS 10-22 mm, mounting: EQ6

Routine: ISO 3200, clone 1:3.5, f = 10 mm, choice of 10 photographs, exposition: 10 x 30 s

Notice: Constellation in this picture: Aur, Per, Cas, And, Peg, Cep, Cyg

Author: Jiří Polák, Rostislav Medlín
Last update: 17. 10. 2007

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