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Moon at arm’s length


Our nearest space neighbour is from astronomical scale point of view very close to us, the lights needs only 1.2 seconds to pass this distance. On the other hand, we can imagine this distance very difficulty and it is for us almost unbeatable. Just 12 persons had the opportunity to walk directly on the Moon surface. Nevertheless, these expeditions were conditioned by unimaginable effort, technological improvements and huge financial demands.

Is it possible to have Moon at arm’s length? We suppose that it is possible as commonplace. You need to place camera to suitable position and the Moon is immediately tiny ball you can hold it in your fingers. Evidence to support this one you can see on above image. It was took during recent Moon-Venus conjunction.

Technical parameters:

Author: Ondřej Trnka

Date: 19.4.2007 17:50 UT

Place: Pilsen, Czech Republic

Object: Moon

Canon EOS 350D + objective 18-55 mm

Method: RAW format transfer, curve adaptation and white balance, crop

Processing: Photoshop

Author: Ota Kéhar
Last update: 17. 7. 2007

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