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Year 2008

Messier marathon was at organized through night 5./6. of April 2008 on the Observatory in Rokycany. Messier's week start at 28. March 2008.


First participants comes in early afternoon on Friday, because Messier marathon was part of periodical Spring Astronomical Weekend of WestBohemian Branch. Friday night weather look hopely at the start, but later dash up cloud. Unfortunately the same situation repeat on Saturday night. There was nice clear sky in one moment, but from rapidly growing cloud come rain after midnight.

To the Marathon's statistics will be scored therefore only Messier's week results, because weather was little more friendly at that time. Both results belong to M.Rottenborn. Clouds prevent him to be better in both nights, but still has Westbohemian Messier's marathon their new record!

Results of Messier Marathon 2008
Observer Score of objects Night
Michal Rottenborn 69 29./30.3.2008
Michal Rottenborn 29 28./29.3.2008

Messier's week is occasion for individual training attempt which will be reported in official conclusion. Conditions are one night (start 28. / 29. March 2008, dead-line is Messier's marathon), one person, telescope(s) without automatic navigation system, handlist of observed messiers objects warranted by honour of observer (include short characterization of conditions and with time of observing each object) carry to 5. April (until 18:00) to Observatory in Rokycany. When you want to sleep at Observatory or get information, please inform us and don't forget sleeping-bag.

Messier Marathon was part of WestBohemian Branch periodic meeting weekend (start 4.6.2008 at 17:00 in Observatory of Rokycany). Part of weekend activities will be night MessierParty, where you can compare look of lot of messier's objects in different telescopes. When we are unlucky with weather, there will be organised "MessierParty under the roof".

Short program:

  • 5.4.2008: 10:00 - Visual observing of Meteorites, main part will be lecture from Mr. P. Habuda (czech).
  • 5.4.2008: 17:00 - Wayfaring not only on Middle Kingdom, i.e. burg nook of China in 21. Century (unfortunately in czech language too).

Circumstance (not that short) are at this article (czech version).

Messier's Marathon invitation for volume 2008 (pdf in czech).

Author: Rostislav Medlín, Michal Rottenborn
Last update: 8. 1. 2009

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