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Rules of Messiers Marathon

Rules of Marathon:

  • Competition is a question of personal honour.
  • Nobody will look over your shoulder and check your observations.
  • In proper time (16:30 – 18:00) pick up proper observing form from organizers.
  • Don't forget complete the top of the observing form.
  • Look up for any Messier's object by your telescope.
  • As found is regarded an Messier's object which you see in your telescope.
  • Into observing form note the time of observing that object.
  • Proceed by looking for another Messier's object.
  • For searching is prohibited any automatic guide system.

Comments to Messier's Marathon

Don't write some description of seeing objects. Time are too valuable.

Observer vote his own order of Messier's objects to see. Order in observing form are only recommendation. It is necessary to be prepare for possible cloud around the sky.

Every participants use his own telescope. After settle you can borrow telescope from organizers.

In all night is necessary to abide light discipline. Every participants must use only red light. Please bring flashlight with red filter or red light. Any white light outside of observatory will not be tolerated.

In generally are minimal suggested diameter of telescope objective 100 mm. But it is not term of attendance at Marathon and you can join with smaller telescope.

Presence of participants are at least at 18:00 SEČ (17:00 UT) 20th March 2010. Compliance are necessary not only for organizers but also to get your place of observation and adaptation of telescope to outdoor temperature.

Fullfill and signed observing form are necessary pass to organizers at proper time (for example at least 6:35 SEČ (5:35 UT) 21th March 2010). Later pass form are not recognized.

Solemnity publication of official results and decorate of winner will by in morning of the day of marathon ends (for example 6:15 SEC (5:15 UT). Main price for year 2010 is "planetary gamp".

If you do not stand all night

  • You can sleep in your own sleeping bag in observatory.
  • If you want to leave by car during night please do not park directly at the observatory. Please minimize light pollution from your car and risk of bedazzle of other participants.
  • In all night is necessary to abide light discipline. Please use for any activity only red light to avoid dazzle yourself and also other participants of course.
  • We advise carefulness theoretical and also practical home preparation before Marathon.
  • It is able to have viewers and fiends but not helpers of competitor. These must also abide rules of the marathon especially light discipline.
  • Consider night cold and have warm clothes. In observatory will be all night warm tea and coffee.

Rules of respect

Abide of rules of respect will able all participants to enjoy night sky even in biger group with lot of peoples. Rules able all to have satisfaction from comfort astronomical observation.

  • You respond all night for invite visitors you bring with you.
  • Alcohol is prohibited all night without exceptions.
  • After sunset is denied any white lights around Observatory. You must use only red light.
  • If you travel by car and want depart during night please park on parkplace near close hospital (about 200m under Observatory).
  • Please don't take pets and little children with you. It will not be fun for them and therefore also for you and your vicinage.
  • Please don't be too noisy and do clamour. Noisy radio and also high jinks above found objects is not invited.
  • Organizers cannot vouch fetch and also borrowed equipment. Do not leave your equipment without control.
  • Everybody has responsibility for his rubbish and garbage and ensure his cleanup.

Under all these rules holds one primary - Be considerate.

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Author: Rostislav Medlín
Last update: 25. 3. 2010

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